The American Institute of Architects – A Look Into The History And Current Business

The American Institute of Architects is a very prestigious organization that is fueled by members who are professional architects. The organization has been in business for over a century. The organization offers several services that benefit the public and cater towards government entities. Its focus is to help protect architects and their clients by providing advancements and popular design structures. They work to promote the scientific and practical measures to deliver professional services.

The AIA was founded in 1857 by 13 architects. Working together, they drafted the bylaws that would become the foundation for the organization. On February 23, 1857, they invited 16 more architects to become members and help them conduct a firm line of conduct. Prior to their establishment, anyone could label themselves an architect. The institution helps to ensure that architects remain licensed to perform such structural and beneficial services. They confirmed the revised version of the original draft and made it a standard on April 15, 1857. News of the organization was spreading rapidly and many were opting to join the organization. By the 1860s, many were asking to join. By the 1880s, they have formed many different chapters throughout some of the largest cities in the world.

Robert Ivy became the CEO in 2011 and has been working to transform the profession. He realizes that technology and advancements are at an all-time high, and can be utilized quite easily. His proactive approach and influence on the organization have been nothing but positive. The history of the AIA has proven to be beneficial and has been carried out through the years. Ivy has worked to maintain the technology infrastructure and the public awareness campaigns.

The American Institute of Architects currently has more than 90,000 licensed architects and professional members who must abide by a strict code of ethics. The code of ethics is set in place to help protect the clients and the architects. They constructed five different membership levels to adhere to the highest of standards of professionalism. The levels are associate members, international members, architect members, emeritus members and allied members. They do not officially have a membership for students, however, students can still become members by complying with a state chapter. The AIA serves its members with professional opportunities, documents that model accurate design and construction. In addition to their many services that they provide, they also promote an honors program with several different awards.


Glen Wakeman: Helping Small Businesses Thrive

Glen Wakeman is one of the most successful financial executive in the United States. He has 21 years of experience in managing companies and developing businesses. His passion in developing a business and improving a company is driven by his own formulated methodology that focuses on five pillars of performance: leadership, which prepares an individual company to undergo change; human capital, which takes care of the company’s vision, mission, strategies, and techniques; execution, which uses the technology and the people working at a company to contribute in the overall process; risk management, which is used to minimize the disruptions in a company; and finally, governance, which is the sole reason why a corporate organization exists.

Glen Wakeman is currently serving as the president and founder of Nova Four, a firm that is assisting developing companies gain an access to additional capital and strategies on how they can grow. He is coaching these companies on possible techniques on how they can tap a bigger market, and he is also offering his service online through a website that their firm is hosting. Many startups that have asked for their assistance are now thriving and enjoying their success, and they are grateful for Glen Wakeman for helping them out.

Prior to becoming someone who assists small startups, Glen Wakeman worked at GE Capital in the past, spending more than 20 years helping with their development and management ( He was appointed into different roles, and one of the last posts that was given to him was to become the chief executive officer of GE Money Latin America, raking in large revenues for the company. After working with GE Capital, Glen WAkeman decided to join Doral Financial Corporation, and was appointed as the chief executive officer and president of Doral Financial Corporation, and as a board chairman at the Doral Bank. His knowledge with finances grew as he worked with these financial institutions, and it gave him the idea on how he can help small businesses. His skills in leadership managed to give Doral Financial Corporation a 180-degree turn around, transforming the struggling company into a competitive one. Through the years that he was working with Doral Financial Corporation, Glen Wakeman was given national and international awards for the leadership that he have shown.

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