Dr. Mark Holterman’s Expertise in Cellular Therapies

Serves On Several Medical Boards at University of Illinois College of Medicine


At the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Dr. Mark Holterman serves on several medical organization boards. As cofounder of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. The organization is a collaborator with the CellR4 medical journal (LinkedIn). The interesting thing about the CellR4 journal is that it focuses on cellular repair, reprogramming, differentiation, and regeneration. The journal also shares information globally regarding developments that are happening around the world in various fields of research.


Improve Healthcare Through International Pediatric Specialists Alliance


Dr. Holterman also focuses on improving diabetes healthcare through his work with International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (http://askreporter.com/2017/11/dr-mark-holterman/). The aim of this organization is to improve healthcare for Vietnamese Children. The organization also provides funds for Vietnamese medical students to train in the USA for two months. At the end of the two months, program participants return to Vietnam and present on their findings.


Man Of Significant Academic Accomplishment


Dr. Holterman is also a man of significant academic accomplishment. He holds a cum laude Biology degree from Yale University, in addition to a Ph.D. and MD degree from the University of Virginia. He completed his residency at the University of Virginia and he was also an attending pediatric surgeon at Rush University.


Based in Peoria, Illinois and Attending Surgeon


Dr. Mark Holterman is currently based in Peoria, Illinois as an attending surgeon at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the Illinois Children’s Hospital. He is also very interested in regenerative medicine and serves as the CEO of Mariam Global Health. This is due to his excitement for new technology and the potential it has to cure diseases. Mariam Global health is a global investment firm, which is aimed at focusing on creating a business impact for health innovations. The company aims to apply business investment and acumen to scientific advances, with a vision of making an impact on global health.