Jorge Moll Expands In Sao Paulo and Brasilia

Jorge Neval Moll Filho is a Brazilian businessman and cardiologist. He is a cofounder of the Rede D’Or Sao Luiz chain of hospitals in Brazil. The network is the largest group of private hospital in Brazil. In 2017 Jorge Moll was listed as the 13th richest individual in Brazil.

Jorge Moll serves as the Chairman of the Board at the hospital chain. The hospital chain has over 32 hospitals across the Brazil. Jorge started the hospital chain in Rio de Janeiro with the aim of assisting the less fortunate in society. According to Jorge Moll, in the 1970s Rio de Janeiro was the center of medicine in Brazil. However, during the 1980s and 1990s, the state under the SUS program transformed many health institutions into public institutions. The public health situation became so bad that Rio de Janeiro had only one functional hospital.

Jorge Moll observed this situation and determined that Rio de Janeiro needed not one but a network of hospitals to provide quality healthcare services. He started the D’Or network by building the first three hospital networks of Copa D’Or, Quinta D’Or and Barra D’Or. Due to challenges in the state-sponsored health insurance system, Jorge came up with the Total Health Management Model. This model ensures that all aspects of the medical system are provided by one provider. This helps to reduce costs and reduce wastage in healthcare services. The D’Or network has a brokerage that helps the company handle its insurance needs. Jorge Moll also credits the model for the loyalty the D’Or network has from its clients (

Jorge Moll believes in providing quality services to his customers. The Rede D’Or Sao Luiz hospital was completed in 2013. Every detail of the hospital was well thought out. From the smell of the hospital to the restaurant that is run by Swiss chef Steve Moreillon. The hospital, which is part of the D’Or chain, was built at a cost of 400 million Reals. The new hospital is part of the expansion plan that is targeting the cities of Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

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