Women Empowerment Retreat Reflects Mission of Stream Energy

Energy is something people use every day. However, it’s not likely that you actually thought about the company you got your power from lately. However, you should. Using a moral company can make a difference in the world, especially when they promote giving back like Stream Energy does.


Stream has a yearly retreat, which it has done for 4 years now. It is called Women in Power (BizJournals). In this retreat, female associates from all the nation gather in Dallas (the company office) to learn how to grow their business and learn life skills.


This year’s theme was “Shine” which refers to the individual strengths that all women have. They learned how to bring out this inner skillset and produce more confidence. Classes were taught on various subjects. For instance, there was a workshop on starting their own business, building confidence, personal branding, and meditation practices. Various famous women in power attended to speak and share their knowledge, resulting in mentors for life for these women associates of Stream Energy.


About Stream Energy


Stream got its start back in 2005, 12 years ago (https://crunchbase.com/organization/stream-energy). The company has since grown thanks to its innovative direct selling business model. The company reduces costs to customers while providing a range of services. These connected life services save people time and meet core needs like wireless communications, protection, energy, and home services.


Stream Energy has grown its sales to $8 billion in its few short years. This is particularly impressive, putting it among one of the largest companies in its industries. They have expanded beyond their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They offer services in Illinois, New York, Illinois, Washington, D.C., and Georgia. Other services are also offered nationwide.


When it comes to the company that you get your power from, it can pay to take a second look. Stream is a rare breed of energy companies that empowers its people to share their services and spread the success to others.