Betsy DeVos: Polite in Public—Political Fighter Behind the Scenes

Just hours prior to President Trump revoking a federal policy that let transgender students use the bathroom stall that matches their gender identity, Betsy DeVos, Trump’s secretary of education, spoke with a representative of the transgender and gay employees from the Education Department to warn them about what would soon be coming.



What Happened?

In the presence of the representative, DeVos said she resisted the move. Still, she showed no concerns that a conflict of interests had taken place in the decision. She also did not betray how she came up short. In fact, DeVos joined in and spoke at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, saying how the previous guidelines showed us a huge example of how the Obama administration overstepped their boundaries.



Betsy DeVos: Not a Weak Team Player

If there’s one thing we feel sure of, it’s that Betsy DeVos isn’t a meek team player. In fact, while she might display graciousness publicly, in her home state, she had a known reputation for being a relentless and driven political fighter. At times, she made use out of her family’s vast fortunes to punish her opponents and reward her allies. The Michigan lawmakers who opposed her soon found themselves unseated, and many politicians in Michigan fear her to this day.



More Than Money

Mike Cox, the former state attorney general and a Republican, said how it goes beyond DeVos’s massive family fortune. He saw DeVos steel herself whenever she invested her attention in an objective. We see this even in her time as the secretary of education. Betsy DeVos had little experience when she first came to Washington, and she had almost no experience working with the president. However, she took over one of the departments that have long held mostly vacant upper ranks.


Betsy DeVos most likely lost the transgender bathroom argument because she had to go up against the Jeff Sessions, the attorney general. In addition, Sessions was previously a senator, and he had decades of experience with Washington. Not to mention, he had built up a useful web of connections that had long held the attention of Trump. Nevertheless, anyone who has seen DeVos at work doesn’t expect her to go quietly into the night. In fact, she will likely learn the tricks of the trade and build some ruthless ties that will help her to build her influence and eventually get what she wants. Learn more:


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