The American Institute of Architects – A Look Into The History And Current Business

The American Institute of Architects is a very prestigious organization that is fueled by members who are professional architects. The organization has been in business for over a century. The organization offers several services that benefit the public and cater towards government entities. Its focus is to help protect architects and their clients by providing advancements and popular design structures. They work to promote the scientific and practical measures to deliver professional services.

The AIA was founded in 1857 by 13 architects. Working together, they drafted the bylaws that would become the foundation for the organization. On February 23, 1857, they invited 16 more architects to become members and help them conduct a firm line of conduct. Prior to their establishment, anyone could label themselves an architect. The institution helps to ensure that architects remain licensed to perform such structural and beneficial services. They confirmed the revised version of the original draft and made it a standard on April 15, 1857. News of the organization was spreading rapidly and many were opting to join the organization. By the 1860s, many were asking to join. By the 1880s, they have formed many different chapters throughout some of the largest cities in the world.

Robert Ivy became the CEO in 2011 and has been working to transform the profession. He realizes that technology and advancements are at an all-time high, and can be utilized quite easily. His proactive approach and influence on the organization have been nothing but positive. The history of the AIA has proven to be beneficial and has been carried out through the years. Ivy has worked to maintain the technology infrastructure and the public awareness campaigns.

The American Institute of Architects currently has more than 90,000 licensed architects and professional members who must abide by a strict code of ethics. The code of ethics is set in place to help protect the clients and the architects. They constructed five different membership levels to adhere to the highest of standards of professionalism. The levels are associate members, international members, architect members, emeritus members and allied members. They do not officially have a membership for students, however, students can still become members by complying with a state chapter. The AIA serves its members with professional opportunities, documents that model accurate design and construction. In addition to their many services that they provide, they also promote an honors program with several different awards.


Paul Mamphilly predicts potential stock investment opportunities

Investment in the stock markets may seem as a risky business to people who do not understand the market well. What people lack is the right knowledge to use when looking for stock investment opportunities. There are numerous industries that are doing well which provide good investment opportunities. Instead of keeping money in a low interest earning bank accounts, people should look to invest their money in investment which has a higher probability of doubling their capital. It is in the best interest of every person to have an investment that will be rewarding. Stock markets investments present one such investment opportunity that needs to look at keenly. In the stock markets, an investor has a chance of investing in the stock that they believe is likely to perform better.

Stock markets investment involve looking for the best-performing companies and buying their shares. For maximum benefits from the stock markets, investors should be looking for investments opportunities in sectors that are untapped and those that the share value is low and have a high potential of increasing in the future. Therefore, people who can predict the trend of a certain sector and buy shares in such a sector is likely to benefit more than people who rush to invest when the share value has already increased. A good example is the cell phone industry. Anyone rushing to buy stocks at the moment is probably coming in very late. However, there are those investors who realized the potential in the cell phone industry and invested very early even before the industry picked. These are the people who now know the benefits of stock investment. Right now, many others are very rich out of the huge returns that have been realized from the sector.

Now that the cell phone industry has already left most of us, what are the chances that are available that people can possibly invest in? According to investment guru, Paul Mamphilly, one of the best stock investors of our time, the food delivery systems are likely to be huge in the future. Many Americans are now eating out a lot more. There also concerned about eating healthy meals too. It is very likely that restaurants which offer quality and healthy foods will record huge profits in the future. Paul Mamphilly says that delivery systems that will be availing healthy meals are likely to be huge. Food delivery systems will expand as people prefer them to going out to restaurants, and learn more about Paul Mamphilly.

Adam Milstein Is Establishing Strong Charity Roots for Israelis

The name Adam Milstein is vastly associated with philanthropy and business development. The man has been doing a great job at ensuring that Israelis have a bright future in America. Adam was born in Haifa. He harbors deep cultural roots and has been dedicated to empowering his people who reside in America. His journey to America was solely based on the fact that he wanted to achieve more in life. He moved with the purpose of attaining good education. Adam pursued business from Southern California. Milstein studied hard to achieve the best in his life. As an academic guru, he remained focus on scoring excellent grades that saw him among the top in class, and Milstein’s lacrosse camp.



Being a man who participated in IDF during the war that was branded Yom Kippur, Adam Milstein focused on humanity and finding solutions for humanitarian problems. It was at this juncture that Adam Milstein thought it wise to establish a family foundation that is now a leading humanitarian foundation for Israelis and Jews who reside in America. Milstein’s roles list him as one of the best and most trusted activists in America. He has been working hard to make sure that his brothers have a sense of belonging in the diversified culture.


Profile of operation

Adam Milstein has worked for several not-for-profit firms. That is why he has vast experience in issues pertaining to cultural differences and the establishment of humanitarian organizations. He has been incorporating several Israelis and Jews foundations in order to educate his people on the vitality of remaining relevant when it comes to culture and originality. Aside from working as a philanthropist, he works as a real estate agent. Adam Milstein has vast experience in this field. He is a perfect real estate adviser and agent. Through his experience, he assists masses to find some of the best homes and commercial property, and



Adam Milstein continues to work for Jews. He wants them to have a strong foundation in America. He is also motivated by the fact that through these foundations, his people can grow stronger in many ways. His contributions cover multiple geographical locations including State of Israel and Jewish, and learn more about Adam Milstein.

U.S. Money Reserve Helps With Disaster Relief

The devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey left many in the state of Texas without homes , food, clothes and other essential items. The Austin Disaster Relief Network, which provides emergency housing, financial assistance, transportation and emotional support to disaster victims, entered a partnership with the U.S. Money Reserve to help in the recovery efforts. Learn more:


The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of precious metals issued by the U.S., as well as foreign governments. The company was founded in 2001, and its purpose was to assist customers with purchasing valuable coins. The business has received good reviews from satisfied customers, and has gotten a very high rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.


After Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas area, the U.S. Money Reserve made the decision to partner with the Austin Disaster Relief Network, because the company saw the need to help the victims get back on their feet by providing funding for the renovation and rebuilding of their water-damaged homes. The organization’s collection efforts brought in cleaning supplies and food items, which were distributed to communities that were most in need.


Others were also encouraged by the two organizations to donate money and items to the cause, and the U.S. Money Reserve even matched contributions from donors up to $100,000 in order to raise more funds for emergency relief. One of the reasons that the company partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network was because of the fact that their relief efforts would go directly to the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. Learn more:


The hurricane brought large amounts of rainfall to that area, and caused an extensive amount of property damage. Nearly 50 inches of rain fell in some places, and some cities in the area were completely submerged in water. Some people got trapped by the flood waters and did not survive. And the standing water that was left behind when the storm passed created toxic situations, like the release of certain dangerous chemicals in the air.


The U.S. Money Reserve is led by Philip N. Diehl, who is a former U.S. Mint Director, and it was founded, and is still based, in Austin. The company also has offices in Beaumont and Lumberton. Partnering with the Austin Disaster Relief Network was a way for the organization to give back to a community that previously supported the business by investing in the precious coins or metals that it distributes.